Bret Hart’s Brother Talks About The WWE World Title Unification & More


The first son of Stu Hart and the oldest brother of Bret and Owen Hart, Smith Hart has published a new column at Hart talks about the WWE world title unification and more. Here is an excerpt from his entry:

“The problem is not with the unification itself, but rather the circumstances which surround it. First and foremost, a match of this calibre is something that should be built to over a period of time. “Hot-shotting” it to the next PPV with less than 3 weeks notice is such a waste of a golden opportunity. Second, the wrong talent are fighting for the opportunity.

Both Cena and Orton are fabulous superstars but both have reached their respective pinnacles. Part of the success of Jericho’s unification was the creation of a new top star, whom to this day lays claim to having beat both Steve Austin and The Rock in the same night to win the undisputed championship.”

You can read Hart’s entire column in full at this link.

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  1. what if Orton grabs the world heavy title but Cena grabs the WWE TITLE. As Orton goes for the wwe title Cena pushes Orton of the ladder and gets the wwe title. Got funny feeling that somewhere HHH will get inolved in the match somehow

    • I don’t like that because it doesn’t make new people want to watch. Showcase some new people for a change. I know Cena and Orton aren’t old but they are dull and overplayed. Let someone else get a chance. ROH has a mixture of veterans and new talent and it’s fun to watch. I know Cena makes money and he knows it so he’s not going to worry as much about proving himself as a newbie.

  2. I must agree with his statement the wrong people are fighting for this orton and cena have NOTHING more to prove they are both respected champions they need to shed light away from the past ( orton and cena) hell WWE cant be stupid not to hear the chants for Daniel Bryan you NEVER even heard the cheers for Bruno when he was a 7 year champ like they do for DB he has the most ovation compared to anyone but yet vince just cant get off cena’s d*** when he gets BOOED outta ever place he preforms im thinking Vince has developed the “Extra Chromosome ” in recent years

    • I mean no harm to either of them but let some other people go for the gold. That’s why wrestling won’t grow. It needs for some of the old branches to move so that the rest of the tree can get sunshine.

  3. I like the thoughts of 1 world title…thought that happened with Y2J but then they split them back up again..I had already drawn the conclusion that each wrestler will grab a belt keeping the titles separate but who to the crux of this article..The oldest Son of Stuff Hart is right..this PPV isn’t the time or place for Unification…let it build to Mania and truly retire the duel championship.

  4. I agree maybe they should have had Daniel Bryan to the mix because he became superstar of the year so he went from B+ To A+ Because of the award with him winning the award was a smack in the face to hhh/steph when they said he was only a B+


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