Bret Hart’s Brother On Booking Brock Lesnar For WrestleMania 30, Sting vs. Undertaker, More


The first son of Stu Hart and the oldest brother of Bret and Owen Hart, Smith Hart has published a new column at Hart talks about booking Brock Lesnar for WWE WrestleMania 30, Sting vs. The Undertaker and more. Here is an excerpt from his entry:

“I think Wrestlemania 30 is best suited to have Lesnar face Ken Shamrock. At first this match may sound inferior to the aforementioned Lesnar-Taker. However I pose that having the two biggest draws in the history of UFC head to head for the first time ever at the 30th anniversary of the grandest spectacle on the planet could help draw many UFC fans to the WWE product heading into this crucial year.”

“As for The Undertaker, I’m sure I am part of the large populous of fans who are hoping that Sting lets his current TNA contract expire so that he can have that one epic match against The Undertaker on the grandest stage of them all.”

You can read Smith Hart’s column, “The Hart Grapevine” in its entirety at this link. – WWE News and WWE Spoilers


  1. Lesnar-Shamrock wouldn’t draw a dime. Shamrock hasn’t been in WWE for over a decade, and he was a midcarder while he was there.

  2. Lesnar vs Shamrock? Soooo, WWE might be interested in payin’ Shamrock to show up at WrestleMania… instead of Batista, or even Lashley? Could be wrong, by if I had to bet money, I’d wager Lesnar versus either of those guys would be a *ahem* slightly bigger draw.

  3. And while Taker/Sting would be cool to see, why in the world would Sting sign with WWE to come in and lose to Undertaker?

      • Yeah it would be because Vince would make Sting job. I wish that a promotion would just let two guys go and the better man win but that can’t be done. They (The hirers) have to be a breast of everything. They have to edit and show their made man in a great light. If they were to let a match go shoot they’d have to concern themselves with all sorts of situations. Just imagine if Curt Hennig really wrestled Hulk Hogan. That would have been a major fiasco and probably ruined Hogan’s reputation for life.

  4. And I’m beyond tired of hearin’ about this UNDERTAKER-Lesnar crap. We haven’t missed a RassleMania since XX (including attending 25), but if they waste THE DEADMAN’s Streak match on Lesnar, very likely we’ll pass.

  5. Lesnar vs Shamrock? That sounds fantastic, and we could also get Mike Tyson to fight the Miz for the WWE World heavyweight title in a “Loser has to screw Katie Vick’s dead body” match. Hell, maybe Hulk Hogan can have (first of 10) ONE MORE MATCH against Ric Flair who also is having ONE MORE MATCH and Shawn Michaels can be the wrestlemania surprise and wants to also take part for ONE MORE MATCH

  6. It’s a good thing Bret Hart exists or we wouldn’t no what to call this guy lol. Stu Hart’s first son. Poor man I’m sure Helen named him. Please tell me it’s not Smith lol. Just teasing lol He has some interesting ideas but I think he’s pushing for more veterans. I love to watch the veterans but you also have to push the new comers to build new interest. We know the veterans can go but you get a young talent that has potential and he puts on a show than it builds interest.


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