Bret Hart’s Daughter Trying to Get Into Wrestling


Beans Hart, the daughter of WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart, is looking to step foot into the professional wrestling business.

Beans has noted that she is getting into shape, and is asking fans to follow her as she works on getting a foot into the business via Twitter, tagging comments with “WWE” and “future Diva.”

Bret Hart’s son Dallas was training at one point years back but opted not to pursue the business.

Several Photos of Bret Hart’s Daughter Bean Hart


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  2. Yeah. Pro-wrestlers nowadays are so disposable (no competition), the return on investment very risky, and the injuries possibly permanent or fatal, I’d talk her out of that if I were him.

    • Once she reaches 30-35 y.o., she’ll have the indy circuit, card shows, TMZ etc… to pay her bills. Get a real job.


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