Brie Bella Admits She’s “Really Nervous” About Daniel Bryan Wrestling Right Now


During The Bellas Podcast, Brie Bella gave her honest feelings about her husband, Daniel Bryan still wrestling during the Coronavirus outbreak.

Bryan has been part of WWE SmackDown regularly since the Coronavirus outbreak and is currently involved in a storyline with the Intercontinental Championship. However, Brie has admitted she’s nervous about him wrestling as she revealed Bryan has an autoimmune disease.

“I have to say, my husband is still working and he’s in Orlando right now and granted, he’s working and he has a job, but it makes me really nervous. My husband has an autoimmune disease. He also fought asthma really bad when he was young. He was always sick when he was a kid. I admit. I lost sleep last night. I’m grateful my husband is still employed but at the same time, I’m really scared that he’s just there all the time. I’m just praying so much that he’s staying healthy and all that. It’s like this weird tug of war right now,” Brie said.

Brie then went on to reveal that when Bryan returns he has to check himself into a hotel and be checked over by a doctor before returning to the family home.

“I feel bad because he’s over there and when he comes home, we’re going to have him be put up in a hotel and our naturopath Dr. Jane, he’s amazing, he’s going to kind of work with Bryan and to kind of see if he has symptoms before he comes home to [Birdie, Brie and Bryan’s daughter] and I. That could be weeks. When he left, I was just like, ‘It could be three weeks before I see you’ and it’s just sad but thank goodness for technology, FaceTime and all that. It’s a weird time right now. I felt like everyone’s emotions are in tugs of war and you don’t know what to film, but I do like seeing on social [media]that there’s more positivity,” Brie said.

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