Brie Blames RAW Botch on Shoes, WWE Network Trial Offer, JR Talks Axel


– The one-week free trial of the WWE Network begins at 9am on February 24th. Here’s a promo video for the trial:

– Jim Ross has updated the Q&A section on and commented on Curtis Axel’s position in the company:

“Axel is still a work in progress and being IC Champion for a while did not hurt him as much as Heyman leaving his camp.”

– As seen on last night’s RAW, Brie Bella tried jumping off Nikki Bella’s back to clothesline Aksana in the corner. Brie slipped on Nikki’s back and barely connected. Brie tweeted and blamed the botch on the skate shoes she was wrestling in. She wrote:

“haha skate shoes have to go! Not made to wrestle in! :(”

GIFs of Brie’s Big RAW Botch, Must See New Aksana, Plans for Lesnar-Taker, More

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  1. Blaming the shoes…does that explain all of her previous botches and lack of real in-ring coordination? Regardless, total divas and the uncreative team have completely destroyed the image of wwe female wrestlers…something the likes of lita, trish, ivory, moolah, mae young etc… all worked hard to build and create. They were there to wrestle and that was all the entertainment needed for a wrestling promotion, adding a few skits here and there. Not the other way around. Congratulations current wwe creative team, you’ve made women wrestlers irrelevant. You’ve made fan favourites irrelevant and you’ve made everything other than the wwe title irrelevant.


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