Brock Lesnar Considering Dual Citizenship, WWE PPV Dates for 2014

– According to the new 2014 calendar that’s being sold on WWE’s shop website, here are the pay-per-view dates for 2014:

* January 26th
* February 23rd
* April 6th
* May 4th
* June 1st
* June 29th
* July 20th
* August 17th
* September 21st
* October 26th
* November 23rd
* December 14th

– Brock Lesnar says he’s interested in getting dual citizenship and moving to Saskatchewan in Canada. Lesnar was visiting his brothers farm in Saskatchewan on Thursday to help with a harvest and spoke with people at a luncheon with area officials. Lesnar said he was in the area and wanted to see what the Premier had to say. Below is a photo of Lesnar with Premier Brad Wall before Wall gave his State of the Province address:

Brock Lesnar in Canada

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  • allan

    Lesnar is rich as hell but he still works on a farm, dudes real and we would love to have you in Canada brock

    • Carter Williams

      Dude probably just eats everything he farms, saves on his food bill lol.

  • Louisa Baton

    I love the mountains and farms as well. I’m glad that he and Sable are still together. I hope he and his family will have a great time there. Take me lol