Brooke Hogan Getting Married for Real

Brooke Hogan will be getting married outside of TNA storylines. Her brother, Nick Bollea made the announcement on Twitter earlier this morning.

“MY SISTER IS GETTING MARRIED!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS BROOKEY!!!!!” Nick tweeted, along with this photo:

Brooke Hogan Getting Married

The photo was snapped in front of the replica Eiffel Tower in Las Vegas, which is the city where TNA is taping television on Saturday.

Brooke Hogan’s Wardrobe Malfunction…..

  • allan mccann

    yuck dude must be into trannys lol

    • Joe Musolf

      She inherited her father’s jaw. You’d think she’d try and fix that lol

      • allan mccann

        and the five o clock shadow she has.. and cause hes like has a huge frame. shes ugly and sounds like a dude..cause she is one lol they have to put some much work into making her look like a woman. its ok now but i remember the first impact she was on. she looked so much like a dude its was funny