Bruce Prichard On WCW Competition, Thinking WWE Would Shut Down & His Feelings Toward Eric Bischoff


Bruce Prichard joined Eric Bischoff and JBL as guests on the Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast to discuss all things Monday Night War related.

The conversation discussed a variety of topics related from that period of time in wrestling, including the DX Invasion and you can listen to it in full, here. Below are some highlights from the conversation.

Bruce Prichard On WCW Competition

“Without a doubt, when there is somebody, you fight a lot harder when you’re getting your ass kicked. When Eric was coming after us with vengeance all of a sudden, we weren’t the only game in time, we weren’t the ones who were just fighting for that existence and to be part of everything. They’re doing great numbers which helped us do great numbers and I think that’s what is missing today, some good healthy competition.”

Thinking WWE Would Shut Down

“There were times when we thought, ‘oh man, this could be it,’ but at the same time having been in similar positions we knew we just had to keep working and there would be light at the end of the tunnel, but there were definitely times when we thought this could all be over.”

His Feelings Toward Eric Bischoff

“I was actually one of the guys who wanted to bring him in. Again, you have to understand when I say I hated his guts, but I am just a guy who hates losing. You judge them based on the outside perception and once I met him I fell in love with him and he is one of my best friends today, if we had met in ’98 it might have been a different story.”

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