Bruce Prichard Roast Announced for ‘Starrcast’, Kane On What He Will Bring As Mayor, Rare Von Erich Title Match (Videos)


Following his Knox County, Tennessee Mayoral win, WWE star Kane, real name Glenn Jacobs, appeared on MSNBC to discuss his rise in politics and his Mayoral win, and above is footage from the appearance.

Glenn Jacobs, popularly known as Kane, the WWE star wrestler, has been elected to be the mayor of Knox County, Tennessee. Stephanie Ruhle speaks with him live about his rise into politics.

Rare Von Erich Tag Title Match

WWE has released a new Hidden Gems video featuring a classic Kevin and David Von Erich Tag Team Title match:

Kevin & David Von Erich look to dethrone World Tag Team Champions Hercules Ayala & Ali Mustafa in this WCCW match-up from 1981: Courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.

Bruce Prichard Roast Announced for “Starrcast”

Starrcast has announced a roast of Bruce Prichard will be taking place during the Starrcast weekend events, and below are more details and names announced for the roast: