Bruce Prichard On Why The Rock Was Removed From the Nation of Domination to Become a Singles Star


On the most recent edition of “Something Else to Wrestle”, which is currently available on WWE Network, host Bruce Prichard discussed The Rock transitioning away from The Nation of Domination and becoming a singles star in WWE.

“I think we had done everything we could do with him in the group, and also the other guys”, explained Prichard. “You said a lot of times groups are made, but they’re also made to create stars and take people that might need a little something extra, to get them to the next level. So maybe they need someone to cling onto to cut some of their promos for them while they learn.

“And that’s what a faction is for, if it’s a good one. And it was time to do that. It was time for The Rock to move on, because he was blowing everyone away with his promos and his work.”

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On turning The Rock babyface, Prichard had the following to say:

“What happens when you’re so damn entertaining, no matter what you do, the audience is gonna cheer you. So they had started that turn, to let The Rock know, ‘you’re our guy.'”

You can hear more from Prichard in the included video, and if any of the above quotes are used for article purposes please credit for the transcription.