Bubba Ray Dudley Blasts ROH Article, Joe Coffey Invovled In Ring Rope Break Incident (Video), CJ Banks Responds


Ring Of Honor published an article taking a close look at Bubba Ray Dudley and what he has done in ROH so far and he blasted the company for it on social media.

Bubba Ray Dudley told ROH to stop creating articles like that as he doesn’t need any publicity, he is a WWE Hall Of Famer. He went on to tell them to stop helping empower a generation of wrestlers who have no idea about paying due, questioning why ROH hires snowflakes who are glorified marks.

Joe Coffey Involved In Ring Rope Incident

UK performer, Joe Coffey posted a video that saw him involved in a freak accident at a recent independent event, explaining to aspiring wrestlers why they do neck rolls.

In the video, which you can see below, Coffey runs at the ropes to bounce off them, but instead the top rope snaps and he falls backward, landing hard on the ring apron in a nasty bump.

Fellow UK wrestler, CJ Banks, who Coffey was facing that night commented stating that he understands how people might find it funny, but they should take a second to think about how bad this incident could have been.