Buddy Murphy And Mike Kanellis Have Twitter Argument, Matt Hardy Promotes House Hardy Show, More


Mike Kanellis has continued to try and standout with his new WWE 205 Live role by taking shots at the Cruiserweight Champion on social media.

Kanellis stated he is going to make his own opportunities and that he will become the Cruiserweight Champion or bust, yet Buddy Murphy responded by saying he must be bust instead.

205 Live’s newest superstar then responded once again, claiming he thinks they could have been friends in NXT, but he skipped that part to which Murphy replied again, saying he didn’t have to go to another company to make an impact as he skipped that part.

Matt Hardy Promotes House Hardy Show

This weekend sees the highly anticipated House Hardy Halloween Ball show launch on the WWE Network and Matt Hardy stated that after he reviewing the footage, he can proudly state that fans have never seen this version of his broken brilliance in WWE before.

New Japan Wish Roman Reigns Well

All wrestling alliances and imaginary walls were broken down last night with the shock announcement from former Universal Champion, Roman Reigns, and that includes WWE’s competition, New Japan Pro Wrestling.

The company tweeted out that a champion transcends any company and that New Japan all wish Roman a speedy recovery, showing fantastic class.