Buff Bagwell Says He Gave Away $120K To Join WWE, Shoots Down TNA Rumors

Buff Bagwell appeared on 4th & Pain where he cleared up rumors that Eric Bischoff spoke with him about returning to TNA Wrestling. The multi-time WCW Tag Team Champion says the conversation never took place, but he did speak with Sting about returning to the promotion.

Bagwell also weighs in on whether TNA’s decision to take Impact on the road will help grow the brand or prove to be the undoing of the company.

Most sensationally, Bagwell also reveals he essentially forfeited a $120,000 payday to join WWE immediately after Vince McMahon purchased World Championship Wrestling.

Bagwell also talks in depth about the seizure and car accident that nearly took his life. 4th & Pain is hosted by Washington Redskins defensive end Adam Carriker (@AdamCarriker94) and former wrestling announcer and weight loss champion Chuck Carroll (@TheChuckCarroll). Follow the show on Twitter: @4thAndPain.

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  • delrvich

    I actually wouldn’t mind seeing Buff Bagwell (as close to the NWO as we’ll get for now) return, preferably to WWE, to bring some edge to a dull line up.

    • allan mccann

      what? did you ever watch bagwell? the dude was boring as s***, i mean hes was only tag champs in wcw cause of his body, the dude is horrible and his gimmic was half assed, you think bagwell will bring edge to wwe? are you hi, no one is intrested in bagwell, and id bet anything even if wwe signed him or even tna he would be released within the year

      • delrvich

        I obviously watched Buff Bagwell to believe he is a change to the PG junk WWE is churning out that you obviously enjoy. Not that there is anything wrong that.

    • allan mccann

      the nwo was only cool at its lowest form ,it turned into such a peice of crap, the concept was awesome,but guys like hogan and nash held everyone down.

      • delrvich

        The NWO grew from 3 guys to 20 or so and 2-3 similar groups, how is that holding anyone down?

        • Mujtaba Qaryzada

          Haha wat a horrible arguement…dude those 20 guys were in the now but it doesn’t mean they were pushed….I mean dude hogan and Nash and Russo destroyed wcw…who was held down..everyone ..like r u s***tin me. Ask hogan on twitter how many stars he buried. My last comment cause u clearly don’t know wcwmhistory at all. Andmtna had bagwell,they didnt use hi, cause he’s lame,and the fact that you put him over punk
          .he has never ever drawn
          Ike punk..he can’t wrestle like punk
          He doesn’t have the mic skills nothin…
          Quit being an old school mark and look at facts

          Ps ignore my grammar I’m doing this on my iPad quick

          • delrvich

            Try typing with both hands next time.

    • YoungAngryMan

      Oh you mean the buff bagwell that was booed off raw?

      • delrvich

        Do you have a link? and was this before or after he fought with Shane Helms? Boo’s mean heat which is good,”Boring” chants like Cena’s – not so good.

  • matt

    [email protected] the wwe fanboys with their biased bulls*** posting here