Bully Ray Comments on Divorce Party & TNA Being PG-13


Recently while in St. Louis, Bully Ray spoke to The Telegraph about having a “Divorce Party” for Brook Hogan.

“Brooke Tessmacher is hotter than Brooke Hogan; I’m gonna have a huge big divorce party, with girls, strippers, maybe a few dudes,” he said. “Who knows?”

Also during the interview, Bully discussed the differences between TNA and WWE.

“TNA offers a more mature wrestling product, along with the hottest girls out there; we are PG-13, not PG.”

Reby Sky Showing Off Her Ass for Playboy….


    • I like people that aren’t perfect spellers. I sure ain’t lol. Miss Tessmacher’s angle is very nasty but it’s true. Remember these are suppose to be bikers and biker chicks. It made me think of Woman(Nancy) somehow. I still miss her, She would have been perfect. I still remember the angle was with the Sandman canning Tommy Dreamer as Woman was sitting in a chair smoking lol.

  1. A more “mature” wrestling product? How so?

    Maybe more risque and explicit but “mature”? Sorry but cussing on camera isn’t a sign of “maturity”.

    I’m not saying what TNA does is good or bad, I just wouldn’t qualify it as “mature”. Just because something is aimed for an older audience doesn’t make it “mature”.

  2. Funny thing is Bully Ray is married in real life. Can’t believe he agreed to do what he does on tv. Fake or not, the storyline involving Brooke and then Tessmacher with the raunchiness involved is disgusting.

    • You literally hit the nail on the head..ITS TV!!!! No different than any other married television star…Not saying he’s a star


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