Bully Ray Comments on Jim Ross Joining TNA Wrestling

Bully Ray spoke with The Daily Star last week following the news of Jim Ross’ retirement from World Wrestling Entertainment. Here are a few comments Bully had to say about Ross:

“I would love to see Jim Ross in TNA. I think TNA could benefit hugely from Jim.

He is a straight shooter, a man’s man.

“On a personal level, when Devon and I signed for WWE, we negotiated with Jim and he was the man who we signed the contracts with.

He’s just a top quality person.”

You can check out the rest of the piece at this link.

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  • Ernie Marin

    Jim Ross is pretty much the only man that could save the dumping ground TNA has become.

    • raul cruz

      Only if Bischoff and Hogan aren’t there.

  • Ralph Ramos

    McMahon’s dumping of JR could really benefit TNA. They would be foolish not to let Hogans contract expire and bring him in. He could help steer this ship in the right direction.

  • Jay

    JR is not going to work for a minor league wrestling company.Remember Jeff Jarett left the WWE partly because of Ross

  • fmdof

    I don’t think it’ll happen, but I’d like to see it. JR on camera would be nice, but if he’s only backstage, that’d be great too.

  • Alex Musso

    I know many people think JR would be a great help to TNA. I’m not going to disagree. But look at it from this perspective:

    Why in the hell would JR ever want to join TNA? It would probably be his last stop, especially if he has an on-screen role. He’s financially secure, he doesn’t need the work, and he would have to put in long hours of hard work just to bring TNA back from the brink. All that for a low paycheck since TNA likely could not pay what he’s worth.

    In other words, JR would have to WANT to go to TNA for the challenge of rebuilding the company. Will his health allow him to do it at the level required to do the job effectively?

    I just don’t see JR in TNA at all, and it won’t be for a lack of TNA trying to get him.