Bully Ray Comments on Sting Going to WWE, Being a CM Punk Fan & More

Chris Van Vliet recently spoke with Bull Ray. Here are some highlights from the interview.

On TNA not being competition for WWE: “Because there are only two major wrestling companies in the United States, so of course the public’s perception is that we’re in competition with each other. But I don’t know how you can really, truly compete with a gigantic mega machine like the WWE when TNA’s been around for 11 years. And in 11 years they’re very, very successful and they’re growing leaps and bounds and there’s a tremendous amount of light at the end of the tunnel. But you can’t compete. That’s like, you know, an up and coming company’s little bank trying to compete with Chase Manhattan or whatever. I like to look at it as two separate companies and two separate brands of entertainment that wrestling fans can thoroughly enjoy.

On Sting going to WWE: “You have to make the smartest business decisions for yourself, for your family and for your career. And if Sting thinks that he has accomplished everything that he possibly could in TNA and he wants to go do that, more power to him”

On not being a fan of technical wrestling: “Who gives a crap about technical wrestling? Listen, technical wrestling doesn’t put asses in seats. Nobody wants to see technical wrestling. Technical wrestling is boring. People want to see car crashes and big explosions and they want to see guys fight and bleed and have sex with the other guy’s girlfriend.”

On Devon’s recent departure from TNA: “As of right now, Devon is unfortunately not with TNA Wrestling. Here’s the thing about Devon being gone, in my eyes it’s a temporary thing.”

On watching WWE: “I am a business man and I am a student of the game. I watch anything and everything that I can get my hands on so I can see where the trend in pro wrestling is going, so I can see what people are reacting to, so I can see what new moves guy might be doing. A good businessman always knows his competition and a good businessman always knows what’s going on around him so I would never sit here and lie to you and tell you ‘Oh no, I can’t watch anything else’. I watch everything. Whether it’s WWE or Japan or smaller independents or whatever.”

On CM Punk: “I’m a big CM Punk fan. The reason I appreciate Punk is because he’s fearless and because he reminds me of me back in the day because is so comfortable on the microphone and he will say what comes to mind and deal with the repercussions later”

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  • Ray knows nothing about the business nowadays…technical wrestling is boring eh? so I guess Bryan doesn’t exist then huh?

    • Mr. Baker

      it was said “tongue in cheek “..you can’t take EVERYTHING seriously…my only gripe with WWE and “Bryan” is that they didn’t let him keep his name…Silly I know..but meh…

    • Timothy Graham

      I love Daniel Bryan, but he has a point. I technical wrestling was so great we’d be watching amateur wrestling on television every week. How many guys have technical ability as a selling point for their character? Bret Hart, Owen Hart, Dean Malenko, Kurt Angle, Mr. Perfect and a few more like Benoit, HBK and Daniel Bryan himself. However, the biggest stars are Steve Austin, The Rock, John Cena, HHH, Hulk Hogan and The Undertaker. Cena gets a lot of abuse for his 5 moves of doom, but most of the top guys have a limited move set.

      • Mel Weber

        I understand your point, but I think technical wrestling is making a resurgence. Bryan is an example. I think maybe people are getting tired of the soap opera crap.

  • raul cruz

    Is it just me or does it seem like Ray is putting over WWE? Is he trying to get into good graces with his former employer in case TNA implodes like WCW?

  • Denoncents

    There has to be a balance, Dean Malenko and say Owen Hart were very technical wrestlers, some found their matches boring but I loved them, it contrasted with the bigger wrestlers doing their repertoire of power moves. But I think Dudley is just playing to the gallery, he’s been wrestling for a long time, he mixes up the technical with power