Bully Ray Q&A: Pre-Match Rituals, Thoughts on Fandango, Is He Over ECW?, More


Bully Ray took to twitter last night to answer a few questions from followers. Here is a recap:

who was your first ever opponent?
Primo Carnera 3

any pre match rituals??
Loud music!!!!

how many years do ya plan to wrestle?
As long as I can perform and make $$$.

Bully, did you and Devon plan on joining aces and eights all along? Even before you guys split up?

what do you think of Fandango?

who on the tna roster could be a future world champ?

toughest guy you have ever wrestled?

who’s the one person past or present that you’d love to wrestle but haven’t
Road Warriors

Bully, looking back do you have any regrets about your career or would change anything?
Better shape early on

are you 100% over ecw?

early in your career, during the time of The Dudleys, did you ever see yourself as a singles World Champion?

Hey Bully, back in ECW were all the insults you said off the top of your head or things you saved up just to bust on people?
Top of head.

if you had to chose which tag team title victory you ever had which one stands out as the best ever?
All are cool and special.

How did u achieve the best success in your career so late in your career ?

First off: GLAD YOU ARE CHAMPION! Who do you believe should be your next #1 contender?
Whoever steps up.

When you’re on the road, what are your “go-to” restaurant/fast-food items?

Where do you rank Bruno Sammartino as far as the best of all time ?
Define “best”??

Thoughts about John Cena?
Total pro!!

what is ur favorite part of the job?
Pissing people off.

Who’s your favorite WWE Wrestler currently ?

You can go back in time to sit live in the crowd as a fan for any match ever. Which do you pick?
87 WarGames

Other then yourself who is your all time favourite wrestler?
Terry Funk

toughest tag team you’ve ever faced?

what’s your favourite thing about coming to the London?

Is Devon really your brother?
Yes, Half

The hardest part about changing from a tag team wrestler to becoming a main event star?
Relying on a partner.

What do you think about the X-Division?
Exiting to watch.

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