Bully Ray Wants a Match Against CM Punk

Amidst reports that CM Punk has walked out on WWE, which TMZ.com has cited as due to his displeasure with WrestleMania XXX creative plans, TNA’s Bully Ray is inviting Punk to come join TNA and wrestle him.

“If the rumors are true, let me be the 1st to invite @CMPunk to @IMPACTWRESTLING and get in the ring w/ me. Fans would LOVE it. Yes or no?”

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  • Just havin fun.

    This fan wouldn’t. Bubba is not even close to the class of wrestler or entertainer that CM Punk is. He doesn’t even belong in the discussion.

    • Carter Williams

      Not to mention that even if Punk wanted to go to TNA I doubt Vince will end his contract early and fore go the 90 day no compete clause. Vince may be a lot of things but for the most part an idiot he is not.

      • allan

        not to mention punk hates tna with a passion but ill admit if punk got tna he would help alot

    • allan

      the fans would love it for the promos they would be epic

    • Scott

      Bully Ray has entertaining in ring. Along with fantastic mic skill, you are an idiot

  • Bill Parson

    love 2 c punk vs joe again vs mr. Anderson vs storm s roode s aries again theyd all b goo plu som big men like abyss would b sweet as well

    • Scott

      him and aries would be epic.

  • Fast Eddie

    I would love to see that!!! Heck yea!!