C*4 & Wrestling Is Art Results From This Weekend’s Indy Eventys


5/11 C*4 Wrestling Results: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

1. Alex Vega def. Cheech
2. Travis Toxic def. Leon St. Giovanni
3. T.D.T. def. The Most Valuable Egos to retain the C*4 Tag Titles.
4. Scotty O’Shea def. Amasis
5. Vanessa Kraven, Jodi D’Milo & Angie Skye def. Twiggy, Giant Tiger & Matthew Ryan Shapiro
6. Buxx Bellmar def. Sexxxy Eddy & Pinkie Sanchez
7. The Afterparty def. The Super Smash Bros.
8. Scotty O’Shea def. Josh Alexander to win the C*4 Title.

5/11 Wrestling Is Art Results: Haverhill, Massachusetts

1. The Estonian Thunderfrog def. Kobald
2. Frank O’Rourke def. Anthony Stone
3. Jaka w/Sidney Balkabella def. Brian Fury (subbing for Sugar Dunkerton)
4. Jigsaw def. Antonio Thomas
5. Juan Francisco de Coronado def. Jervis Cottonbelly
6. The Devestation Corporation w/Sidney Balkabella def. the Batiri by disqualification.
7. Funaki def. Green Ant

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