Cameron Grimes Scores Impressive 6-Second Win in USA Network Debut


25-year-old Cameron Grimes continued to impress tonight with another big win on NXT television, but if you blinked at any point during the show, you might have missed it.

After making it to the finals of the NXT Breakout Tournament back in August, albeit it unsuccessfully, the former Impact Wrestling X-Division Champion took part in the black-and-yellow brand’s highly anticipated two-hour live debut, defeating Sean Maluta in just SIX SECONDS.

Maluta, a relative veteran in his own right who has been trying desperately to make an impact of his own in WWE developmental over the past four years, rushed Grimes as soon as the bell rang, but got squashed – quite literally – with what I can only describe as an inverted Curb Stomp. Just check out the footage below; it’s convincing enough on its own…