Cameron Responds To Negative Fan Feedback, WWE/MLB News

— Following his Home Run Derby win last night, Oakland Athletics player Yoenis Céspedes was given a WWE World Heavyweight Title replica belt. Triple H and John Cena both congratulated Céspedes after his win.

— During the last season of Tough Enough, WWE Diva Cameron told Steve Austin that her favorite WWE match of all-time was Melina vs. Alicia Fox from a WWE Superstars broadcast. A lot of fans gave her a hard time over the comments and that continued via Twitter last night after she teamed with Alicia. Cameron responded to the comments following RAW, tweeting:

“If Nikki tagged with Melina, tonight could have been my second fave match of all time #Losers #IAmToughEnough #GirlBye #RawRichmond”

— The Miami Herald has a new article up with actor Jason Momoa regarding his starring role in the new WWE Studios’ film “Road to Paloma”. When asked about being a WWE fan, Momoa said:

“I am a fan, but I have a 5-year-old and 6-year-old. I can’t even watch TV or read a book right now. That was fun when I was younger. I met Hacksaw [Jim Duggan] at one of these conventions. I was pretty excited about it. I liked him, Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka. There were a lot of wrestlers I liked. I like watching the real warriors out there. I like watching UFC. I like watching boxing. I like watching those old samurai and martial arts movies. [Director] Akira Kurosawa , guys like him to me are awesome. I like watching those types of things.”

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