Candice LaRae Talks Achieving Her Dreams, Jim Ross Talks NJPW, Says They Want To “Conquer North America” (Videos)


The newest WWE recruit to add to the women’s roster is none other than indie darling, Candice LaRae. LaRae, aka Mrs. Wrestling, being married to current NXT Superstar, Johnny Gargano.

LaRae was recently signed to the WWE Performance Center, and was a part of the Mae Young Classic in 2017, but for whatever reason, is only finding her way to be signed now. Regardless, it is a welcome addition, and WWE has posted a video highlighting LaRae and how she came to achieve her dream.

Jim Ross Talks New Japan Pro Wrestling With Business Insider

In a recent video by Business Insider, Jim Ross sat down to talk about New Japan Pro Wrestling. Ross is a WWE Hall of Fame announcer, widely considered to be the best commentator of all time, and has recently been doing English commentary for New Japan. Check out the video below, in which he goes into the difference in styles and programming that WWE has compared to New Japan.

On Vince McMahon and Mark Cuban….

“Working with Mark Cuban has been cool, and Vince…they’re a lot alike. Wealthy guys who built their own empires. I so much appreciate and respect that. I think Vince has got all he said grace and he’s got complete confidence that his brand is growing as healthy and it is. I’m sure that New Japan would love to have the success that Vince has built with the WWE.

On the expansion of New Japan…

“They obviously want to enlarge their footprint in North America as another “territory” that they’re gonna conquer”


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