Carlito Suggests The Rock Is Using Steroids


As noted earlier, The Rock announced on Twitter the he had tore his ab and abductor tendons during his match with John Cena at WrestleMania 29.

Former WWE star Carlito took to his Twitter following the announcement to call the Rock out, stating that the injury may be due to steroid use.

“Rock tore his ab & adductor tendons? Hmm, I guess instead of getting in tremendous shape for mania…he got in TREN-mendous shape!”, the ex-WWE star wrote.

For those of you who are unaware, lists Tren as one of the most popular steroids to date. The site notes that some of the drugs benefits include “increased muscle mass, increased strength, and increased recovery.”

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    • Of course WWE lets the main eventers get away with violating the drug policy. The policy only applies to everyone for a brief period after a wrestler dies.

  1. um rock is on an 8 meal a day diet right now to gain bulk to play hercules he is already a big guy but is just gaining for the movie. lots of actors do this. look at toby mguire also rock only works a few dates for wwe and has all the time in the world to train and build up the hard way. considering he is part time he may or may not have to do drug testing in wwe im not sure. but he would be showing some more obvious signs in his build and it looks rather natural right now. now if carlito said scott steiner or triple h a few years ago sure no doubt. im no cena fan but he looks natural the guy was big before he even started wrestling.

  2. I’m a personal trainer and certified nutritionist and 1 of the main signs of tren use is water retention and organ enlargement and THE ROCK isnt showing those signs at all so good one carlito but theres a reason why he still draws big crowds and well lets just say nobody even remembers you so check your facts before you speak out on someone!


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