Carmella Defends Her Current WWE Role, Mickie James & Nick Aldis Give Cancer Survivor A Christmas Gift, More


After an online troll tweeted to Carmella trying to mock her for going from champion to dance breaks, but she quickly stood up for herself.

Carmella responded by stating she isn’t a cheerleader anymore because she’s not in NXT, and she went on to state that now she gets to spread joy to little fans, adding that she would make rather be in her current position so she can do that.

Mickie James & Nick Aldis Give Christmas Gift

Mickie James and her husband, Nick Aldis hosted a Christmas competition to gift a deserving person the chance to visit their family for the holidays. They have revealed their winner to be a cancer survivor, gifting her the chance to see her family this Christmas.

Mustafa Ali Trains

Despite being one of the top stars on 205 Live every week, Mustafa Ali is still putting in the work to get better, sharing a video of himself training this week.