Carmella Reveals If She Would Cash-In On Becky Lynch Tonight


During a recent interview with Hollywood Life, Carmella discussed the possibility of cashing in on Becky Lynch during tonight’s Money In The Bank PPV.

On always having a target on her back:

“I am used to having a target on my back,” Carmella said. “I have always had a target on my back, ever since I started with the WWE. I have been doubted since day one. I was the very last draft pick to come to SmackDown Live. I was the last one picked so everyone can relate to being the last one picked in gym class but you know what? I have something to prove. That is what I have done my entire career. I was never the chosen one. I was never on the independents. I never did anything prior to being with the WWE. So, I feel like the people who doubt me, I want to prove them wrong. I want to be a Capo Cagna!”

On possibly cashing in on Becky Lynch:

“I think whoever wins… AKA me!,” Carmella exclaimed. “I think that is a really good idea. She will be having two matches, and she will be worn out. But, I will say that I held onto that briefcase for two hundred and eighty-seven days. I beat Edge’s record for holding that briefcase. So, I am very calculated when it comes to that so, no matter what, if I win – when I win, I am going to do the right thing.”


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