Carmella Talks Being Part Of WWE Evolution, Fans Now Cheering Her, And Possible Women’s Tag Team Titles


Carmella recently spoke with The Mirror about a range of topics including being part of WWE Evolution and fans now being on her side.

On being part of WWE Evolution:

“It was such an incredible day. Just being backstage, with all the women, everyone was just brought together for this historic event. I was so honoured to be a part of it. Right now we’re in the middle… I don’t know why I say we’re in the middle of this women’s evolution anymore, because I don’t even know if there’s a cap on this evolution that the women are a part of right now.

“I just feel so lucky and fortunate to be a part of these ‘first evers’. Now it’s getting to a point where we don’t have to say the first ever because it’s just becoming normal. Before that it was “oh my gosh the women are the main event of SmackDown tonight” and now it’s no big deal. So I just feel fortunate to be in the midst of all of it.”

On possible Women’s Tag Team Titles:

“I think it’s really cool that there’s even a possibility of having a tag titles for the women. I don’t know, Carmella’s a bit of a loner. I always tend to keep a guy around for whatever reason. Like James [Ellsworth] and now Truth.

“I guess, if I were to have a partner, I would pick Bayley but she’s over on Raw. I would love to see the IIconics get it. If I were to pick anyone else, I would love the IIconics to be the first women tag-team champions.”

On fans now cheering her:

“It’s always fun to play the bad guy, that’s for sure. But everyone wants to jump on the Carmella bandwagon now that she’s become a popular act on Smackdown. I’ll take it because whether they’re talking about me because they love me or they hate me, they’re talking about me, so I’ll take it.”

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