Cena Does a Freestyle, More on WWE Signing Logan Shulo, The Rock


– ESPN’s Sports Nation posted video of John Cena playing “Google Me” where he talks about UFC and The Rock, then does a rap freestyle:


– As noted, WWE has signed independent wrestler Logan Shulo to a developmental deal. It will be a few days before he reports to Orlando as he’s scheduled for a No Holds Barred Farewell match against Shane Taylor on December 14th for the International Wrestling Cartel promotion in Elizabeth, Pennsylvania.

– Barry sent the following: I thought it was interesting on the new History of WWE Blu-ray they have graphics for each Superstar with a “Start Date (whatever year they debuted) – Present” near their name, including part-timers like Chris Jericho. For The Rock, his says “1995-2013.” Could this be a sign WWE believes The Rock is done with wrestling?

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