Cena Returning to WWE TV Next Month, Backstage News on The Miz, More

– We noted before that the Cody Rhodes “firing” on RAW seemed rushed because of a lack of communication between WWE officials and creative as of late. To go along with that, nobody in creative knew of Mark Henry being cleared to wrestle until reading about it online. Said one WWE source, “Communication process is the shits in this company.”

– Don’t be surprised if WWE gives up on their “babyface experiment” with The Miz soon.

– While John Cena won’t be able to wrestle until around Royal Rumble time, there is already talk of bringing him back to WWE TV in October for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Cena wants to start making appearances for the company to help with their big Breast Cancer Awareness campaign. Cena’s rehab for his injuries will be one of the storylines for the second half of this Total Divas season also.

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Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Josh Cervera

    NOOO Cena stay away lol

  • Ralph Ramos

    Oh boy. Whatever Cena. Good thing I don’t watch Total Divas. As for the Miz turning heal again, what were they waiting for? He really looks out of place as a face, with his dorky poses and his frog face. He was definitely a lot more effective as a heal. Same with ADR, although his popularity was huge around Hispanic audiences.

  • bestintheworld3

    Anyone else gets injured they disapear for months. John cena gets injured, misses 2 weeks and then returns to do promo’s. Eugh stay away cena we need a break for you!

    • Phantom90

      I would pay to NOT see Cena.

  • Rich Francis

    Total Divas isn’t bad and it good that Cena is the one is the one supporting Breast Cancer Awareness Month. But I guess you run a billion dollar company where randy and ADR would be perfect for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Oh BEST IN TH WORLD 3 any one else I can name many names but since your suck the ass of new wrestlers look into HBK Do you need more.

  • Phantom90

    Stay off television you f***ing attention hog.

  • Lony

    John Cena’s returning next month, that’s nice… now how about fixing the PW forums.