Cena Sued by Construction Worker, Wyatt Comments on Kane’s Status

– TMZ reports that John Cena is being sued for just over $15,000 by a construction worker who claims he was badly injured while working on Cena’s house back in 2010. The man says he was hurt so bad he’s unable to work.

The worker, Dale Ducharme, claims he fell off a scaffolding while remodeling Cena’s home. He says the scaffold was defective or damaged and says it was Cena’s responsibility to make sure the equipment was safe. A representative for Cena had no comment.

– Bray Wyatt is adding speculation to reports that Kane will be returning as a member of The Wyatt Family. A fan on Twitter mentioned to Bray that Kane already “fell” at SummerSlam. Wyatt replied:

“Kane didnt fall, he was chosen. Rebirth”

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  • TamosC

    Dont quite get that one..shouldn’t the construction worker be suing his company, that put the scaffolding up? Might as well just sue the house for being unsafe 🙂

    • Mr. Baker

      Asinine that a lawyer or judge even takes this case…Unless Cena provided the scaffolding(I doubt), you only sue the person when something in their home hurt you…not for the s*** you was putting together while being stoned…

  • Joshua Nixon

    Kane apart of the Wyatt Family, that would be awesome. I admit i didnt like Kane as a babyface, he’s better at being a heel.

  • Phantom90

    Good, we need Kane as a heel, the big red monster not big red 5 year old.

  • Ralph Ramos

    What school did dale decharme graduate from because he certainly isn’t Dale LeSmart. Yeah right. If a mechanic comes to my house to fix my car and he opens the radiator while its overheating and burns himself a la Hulk Hogan, he’s going to sue me because I should’ve made sure the engine was cold before he opened it? Come on dale!!!

  • Zuckerton

    Everyone is Sue-happy these days. This reminds me of the Sexual Harassment Panda episode of South Park.