Cena Taking Time Off, More Eva Marie Maxim Photos, HHH & Stephanie

– As noted, WWE Total Diva Eva Marie appears in the September issue of Maxim magazine. In the interview, she mentions wanting to get Kim Kardashian in the ring. Here are more photos from her Maxim shoot:

Eva Maxim 1

Eva Maxim 2

Eva Maxim 3

Eva Maxim 4

– WWE had been planning on Stephanie McMahon and Triple H turning heel at SummerSlam but word is that those plans may have changed.

– WWE officials are trying to keep quiet the severity of John Cena’s elbow injury. Cena’s elbow is in a lot worse shape than they are letting on and the decision was made last week for him not to wrestle until SummerSlam. Cena will be having surgery shortly after SummerSlam, meaning he will be taking some more time off.

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Partial source: F4Wonline.com

  • allanmccann

    omg ! bryans gonna win then for sure! cena wouldnt take time off as wwe champ.

    • I think either way they were going to have Bryan win any way….Cena’s elbow just recently got injured, so I think originally Bryan was going to win yet lose it..but this way with Cena out of the picture he can actually feud with someone over the title.

  • Padres4life

    So this means if Orton cashes in, him and bryan feud. Those are the only two top guys left besides cena. Good news I hope

  • Matthew DeAngelo

    Yes! No more Cena…………….. I give it a week

  • so basically if Triple H and Stephanie turn heel as planned, then that means they’re reverting back to the old corporation days with Hunter, Steph, Vince, and all the other wrestlers including Stone Cold as champ..this time it’ll be Hunter, Steph, Vince, and Orton as champ. Back then the top face was Kurt Angle, so now that’ll be Daniel Bryan since Cena will be out….this could get good if it actually happens. Bryan would be able to cut some epic promos and have a huge feud with the Corporation and be the guy….if that happens then the WWE finally got good again.