Chael Sonnen On Why Brock Lesnar Knew He Was in The Octagon with An ‘Amateur’ at UFC 226


MMA legend Chael Sonnen has released a new video, which you can watch above, reacting to Brock Lesnar shoving Daniel Cormier at the end of UFC 226, and below is what Sonnen had to say on why he feels like Lesnar knew he was in the ring with an “amateur” in Daniel Cormier:

“Daniel Cormier loves the pro wrestling aspect, and he loves to talk on the microphone but the reality is that he’s not very good at it. He only thinks he’s good at it. So when he goes out there and he wants to have a little bit of fun, and he thinks he’s the smartest guy in the room and he’s cutting one of these promos, while smiling a little bit because he can’t keep a straight face and he’s giving a bit of a wink to the crowd, that’s all fine and well. None of that’s an insult.

“But the reality is when you then challenge Brock Lesnar, and you now give him the one opportunity at the one thing in life he is better than you at, as much as you think, Daniel Cormier, that Brock Lesnar’s gonna get in the ring and smile and wink and say ‘hey, I’ve known you a long time congrats on the Stipe win, instead he is going to show you how this business is done. He’s going to step in there and push your Heavyweight Championship ass halfway across the ring, keep a straight face, cut a promo, burn the entire ring down, and he’s never going to wink to the audience. And that is why that worked. And Brock Lesnar knew ‘I’m in here with an amateur, who wants to be part of this, but he’s in way over his head.'”

You can hear more from Sonnen in the included video, and if any of the above quotes are used for article purposes please credit for the transcription.