Are Champions Exempt From WWE Superstar Shakeup?, WWE Allows Beach Balls After Raw (Videos), Andre Movie


WWE has released the above video, featuring Seth Rollins reacting to news of the upcoming WWE Superstar Shakeup, and during the video it is revealed that Champions can move in the shakeup, making it possible that Rollins could end up on Smackdown.

WWE Allows Beach Balls After Raw

Despite WWE having a very strict and clear no beach ball policy for WrestleMania week events, the company was apparently fine with them being used after Raw went off the air last night.

During WrestleMania, a beach ball was actually being tossed around during the main event match, but security was eventually dispatched to remove the ball.

Last night after Raw, however, Seth Rollins, Jeff Hardy and Finn Balor remained in the ring after their six man match, and Rollins encouraged the fans to use the balls, which eventually made their way into the ring:

Andre Movie Premieres Tonight

As a reminder, the new “Andre the Giant” documentary premieres tonight at 10pm EST on HBO, and below is the official movie trailer: