Change Ahead for John Cena?, WWE HIAC Tickets, Foley’s Comedy Show, More

– Tickets for WWE Hell In A Cell go on sale this Saturday at 10AM ET. The pay-per-view event takes place on Sunday, October 27th at the American Airlines Arena in Miami, FL.

– John Cena posted this photo on Instagram moments ago:

John Cena s Change Ahead

– Mick Foley commented on his comedy show following Sunday’s SummerSlam pay-per-view, writing on Twitter, “Loving life onstage @TheImprov last night.

Mick Foley at Improv Comedy Show Last Night

– Friday’s episode of SmackDown garnered 2.4 million viewers, down slightly from the previous week’s 2.49 million viewers.

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  • allan

    i hope he gets a real wrestling attires its bad enough he doesnt show the part of a wrestler in the ring but like regal said atleast he can look it. honestly the way there playing him up hes going to be the biggest star ever and id hate for that be a wrestle who wrestled in cargo shorts.

    • Carter Williams

      Would you really prefer him to go back to wearing his neon orange spanky shorts?

      • Idolizer

        LOL, Allan probably would.

  • Stephen LeBerre

    He need to turn heel upon his return, but WWE screwed themselves and no they can’t. They are stuck with the John Cena everone knows and hates.

    • Idolizer

      Perhaps your name should be changed to LeBlur… your post makes no sense… what makes you think that if Cena turned heel that WWE is stuck with the Cena we all know and hate??? That’s a retarded thought…

  • Stephen LeBerre

    EXCUSE ME Mr. Idojackass.
    If you had an IQ a bit bigger than a cough drop maybe you would have been able to understand what I was trying to post in such a hurry. Read this post and try to understand it. If you can’t seem to make any sence of it then I suggest you go back to school.
    John Cena is in a dire need of a change. He is stale, boring, and just not fun to watch or listen to. His best days were when he was a heel in matches against Brock Lesnar, The Undertaker. It would be better for the WWE, John Cena, and the fans if he were to turn heel upon his return in 4-6 months,
    HOWEVER (this is the part you may not understand, but that is okay because my 4yr old son didn’t understand it either)
    WWE is screwed with John Cena. He has to continue as the face (face=good guy) for all his career, can never turn heel (heel=bad guy) because of all the MAKE-A-WISH he does.
    Don’t get me wrong. I respect Cena 1000% for everything he does for all the kids espically the MAKE-A-WISH kids, however after been forced down everone’s throat night in and night out people boo him, people hate him.. He would be much better recived by the fans, if he were to turn heel, WHICH WILL NEVER HAPPEN BECAUSE OF ALL THE STUFF HE DOES FOR THE MAKE-A-WISH AMONG OTHER KIDS.
    Because if he is a HEEL, then WWE loses their #1 Make-A-Wish Person. The kids wound’t have a hero to look up too.