Change to X-Division Matches, Devon Now Accepting Bookings

– Devon is now accepting independent bookings through Bill Behrens. Devon was the Aces and Eights member that got pinned in what will air as this week’s main event of Impact Wrestling. The stipulation was that whoever lost the match had to leave the company.

– Hulk Hogan announced that TNA’s X-Division matches will now be one-on-one, eliminating the three way rule.

“Dixie Carter and I have heard your feedback. @ImpactWrestling X-Division matches will be one-on-one. Tune in to @SpikeTV Thursday 9/8c HH”

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  • allan

    devon isnt really gone is he? and also thank god they changed back that x division thing i knew wasnt even going to last even half as long as the 6 sided ring idea lol , that really recks the whole title matches when its always a three way that means there never a real number 1 contender and also anyone can really win its cool once in a while but most matches need to be 1v1

  • Jay

    Another TNA wrestler gets the boot.This is getting sad

  • raul cruz

    TNA can’t afford to pay so many overbloated salaries for the ex WWE /WCW wrestlers and are starting to let them go, though some of the choices are baffling. They let Tara go, but are keeping Angle even though HE IS GOING TO REHAB and will miss so many shows. I’m sure Dixie was dumb enough to give him a contract that guarantees he gets paid for those weeks he won’t be working.