Charlie Ebersol Reveals His New Football League Will Be the First to Incorporate Idea Promised By the New XFL


As we noted yesterday, Charlie Ebersol, the son of Dick Ebersol, who helped Vince McMahon launch the first iteration of The XFL, will soon be launching his own Alliance of Football League. Given the timeline for when the new league will play, it could be in direct competition with Vince McMahon’s new XFL, launching in 2020. Ebersol revealed in his initial announcement that the first games of Alliance of Football seasons will begin a week after the NFL’s SuperBowl, and that seems to coincide Vince McMahon’s proclamation that XFL seasons will begin late January or early February.

Charlie Ebersol appeared on today’s edition of “The Dan Patrick Show”, and during the appearance, which you can listen to above, Ebersol spoke more about his new football league.

During the show, Ebersol revealed that his new Alliance of Football will be the first league to fully integrate Fantasy Football for fans while they are watching the games. The league will focus on fan engagement and will allow fans, using a specially designed app, to play fantasy football at the same time they are watching the games, as fantasy and live action will be interconnected.

Fantasy integration was a concept Vince McMahon alluded to when he first announced plans for the XFL relaunch, and appears to be more concretely established in Ebersol’s new football league model.

In the official XFL press release which was issued following Vince McMahon’s press conference announcement, the following was explained regarding the league’s relaunch in 2020:

“Football is by far the most popular sport in the U.S., with 70 million fans driving a $14 billion marketplace. A seven-month gap in play along with today’s media landscape and new technology provide untapped opportunities to reimagine the way the game is played and presented, adding layers of innovation and interactivity for fans.”