Charlotte Flair On Being Compared To Roman Reigns, The Dynamic Behind Her Rivalry With Becky Lynch


Charlotte Sounds Off

– WWE Superstar Charlotte Flair recently spoke with about a wide variety of wrestling topics, check out the highlights below:

On being compared to Roman Reigns:

“I think if I am being compared to him, I’m honored. I look at him as a top guy. He’s main evented Wrestlemania … What? Three years now, in a row,” Flair told in an exclusive interview.

“He absolutely works his butt off, and always has to be on his A game. That’s a lot, a lot of pressure. To be considered one of the top stars for the company, that’s my main goal. So yeah, that’s extremely flattering. I still feel like I have a long way to go, but if I could be like him, heck yeah.”

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Her dynamic rivalry with Becky Lynch:

Well, if you really look at our story. And people put their feelings aside for who’s their favorite, or who they like or don’t like. It’s a story of two best friends. So, whether people are like, “Well, she’s the bad guy in this.” I feel for me, and this is just me personally. You’ll know when I’m a bad guy, and right now I’m a good guy.”