(Updated) Charlotte Flair Possibly Injured After Spearing Becky Lynch Through the Smackdown Entrance


Charlotte Flair once again got an opportunity to challenge for the Smackdown Women’s Championship this Tuesday night on Smackdown Live, but the hatred between her and former best friend Becky Lynch would ultimately prove too tense to be contained by a normal wrestling match.

While it looked like Charlotte had the match won, connecting with Natural Selection after a long, physical battle, the champion rolled to the floor and attempted to take a count-out loss as a last, desperate move to retain her title. A wild brawl between the two broke out around ringside that would ultimately lead to both ladies being counted out.

After officials were unsuccessful in splitting up the two bitter rivals, Flair ended the fight herself by spearing Becky Lynch through the LED board at the top of the entrance ramp. Check out the scary spot in the videos below.

While we are still awaiting an official announcement, it’s possible that one or both of them may have actually been injured the the spot. It’s believed that the champion was simply selling the injuries and remained “knocked out” through the segment, but Charlotte’s wrist was cut up and bleeding badly, and she began screaming in pain after seeing the injury for the first time.

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**UPDATE: WWE has since provided an update on the situation, stating that Charlotte did sustain some cuts and received medical attention backstage. However, she is fine and will be in action later tonight for her WWE Mixed Match Challenge bout.