8-Time Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair Teases Tying Her Father’s World Title Record


Charlotte Flair became the woman’s champion for the eighth time on March 26. Flair faced Asuka on SmackDown Live and defeated The Empress of Tomorrow for the women’s title.

Fans were shocked but the live audience instantly popped for The Queen. There was no previous warning, no buildup and seemingly no reason to take the the title off of Asuka. Charlotte’s father, the legendary Nature Boy Ric Flair, congratulated his daughter on Twitter and the new champ responded “Half way there.”

Charlotte was obviously referencing her father’s 16 world championships in the pro wrestling business. While her Tweet was probably tongue-in-cheek, Charlotte’s words do raise and interesting question.

Will the new SmackDown Women’s champion win the title eight more times? The Nature Boy’s title reigns came in a very different era of the business of course. So perhaps there’s no comparison. But the same could also be said of John Cena’s 16 world championships.

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However when it comes to women’s wrestling, the idea of a 16-time world champion is definitely un-chartered territory. But if anyone can get close to that number, it’s most likely Charlotte Flair. Of course her first women’s title came in 2015, which means she won seven in only three years. For many fans, this is why title wins mean nothing anymore and Charlotte Flair may be no different.