Chavo Guerrero Comments on Recent Budget Cuts


Chavo Guerrero spoke with Scott Fishman about TNA’s recently budget cuts and releases.

“It’s a business. I’ve seen that exact same thing in every other company I’ve been in. It’s the nature of the beast. They are making what they think are the best decisions for the company. That’s the way it is. That’s in any business. I know people that are teachers, and they are let go. They are great teachers, but for some reason they are let go. It’s just the way it is.”

Chavo also talked about TNA having fewer pay-per-view events.

“I think it’s great. I like the fact we went down to four pay-per-views. You see when you have 12 or 13 pay-per-views a year, it’s watered down. Unless it’s a big one like a WrestleMania or something like that, a lot of them are watered down.

They are just doing them to do them. So I like the idea of less pay-per-views. I think it’s better for the company and the fans from a storyline perspective. We have three months or so to build to a big payoff. I like that and think the fans like that.”

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  1. My Question Is, WHY IN THE F*** haven’t they let him go yet??, What’s the purpose of keeping him around??, They’re letting all this talent go who’s actually good/BETTER for the company, But they’re gonna keep him there why??, he’s gonna end up becoming heel, he keeps getting booed on damn near every segment, there’s not point in keeping him, HE DOES NOTHING!!!!, but yet they let victoria, mickie, hulk go, that’s sad


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