Chavo Guerrero Talks Working On Lucha Underground & GLOW, LU vs WWE Product, Will There Be an LU Season Five?


Lucha Underground and GLOW performer, producer and coordinator recently spoke with Sports Illustrated’s Extra Mustard and below are some interview highlights.

On Lucha Underground vs the WWE product:

“We created a new product,” said Guerrero. “We didn’t take the same thing. Our executive producer Mark Burnett would rather fail being different than succeed being the same, and that is what we did. [WWE] is like the Coca Cola of the wrestling industry, so if you’re creating another cola, you’re just a knockoff. We at Lucha Underground created this whole new universe.”

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On working with both Lucha Underground and behind-the-scenes of GLOW:

“I’m super proud of both shows, Lucha Underground and GLOW,” said Guerrero. “To have them both air in the same span of a couple weeks, and to be part of both hit shows, it was surreal.

“I really like creating. I’m in charge of a lot more than just my match in the ring, and I really like that. Your time in the ring is limited, so it provides a chance for longevity, as well as for me to be able to get into stunts and into Hollywood.”