Chris Bey Turns The X-Division Into His ‘Finesse Division’, Heath Slater Denied Access To IMPACT Wrestling


The ‘Finesse Division’ Era Begins

Chris Bey wasted zero time getting his reign as X-Division Champion off the ground. The upstart high-flying sensation defeated former champ Willie Mack in a big Slammiversary rematch on Tuesday night’s episode of IMPACT Wrestling.

Bey, 24, signed a deal with IMPACT earlier this year after spending the last four years working his way up the west coast indie scene, primarily working in California and expanding into Las Vegas and Washington.

While his next challenger is unclear, Bey did have a run-in backstage with Rohit Raju after the match. It wasn’t so much of an altercation, however, as it was the so-called “Desi Hitman” offering his services as backup for the champion.

Heath Gets Shut Out Of IMPACT… AGAIN!

Heath is having a rough couple of months. First he was released from his WWE contract in the middle of a pandemic, and now he can’t even get his own friend and former tag team partner to pick up the phone and let him into the arena!

Heath formerly-known-as-Slater appeared on IMPACT Wrestling this Tuesday, after being told to leave the arena at Slammiversary due to the company taping on a closed set.

However, Rhino didn’t come through on adding his name to the guest list, as he was too busy working out an arm-wrestling grudge with TNA vet Hernandez. Heath did manage to sneak into the building at the very end of the episode, coming in through the exit as the episode faded out.