Chris Jericho Featured On A Major Magazine Cover – Details


Chris Jericho is now on the cover of the fall issue of Rebel Ink, a nationally published tattoo magazine. Here’s a press release, followed by the cover:


WWE Superstar Chris Jericho Nails the Cover of Rebel Ink Magazine

Paramus, NJ, August 1, 2014 – Rebel Ink—the tattoo magazine that serves you a boatload of ink with plenty of attitude—announced the release of their Oct/Nov 2014 issue. For this latest edition of RI rocker, TV show host, and former WWE Champion, Chris Jericho brings it with a duo of sexy tattooed ladies in tow!

Whether he was breaking it down on “Dancing with the Stars,” lending his voice as host of Syfy’s “Robot Combat League” or serving up butt-whoopings in the ring as a WWE superstar wrestler, Chris Jericho has put in hard work in the entertainment industry. His versatility knows no limits as he heads up his heavy metal band Fozzy! In between putting the final touches to Fozzy’s latest record—Do You Wanna Start a War, which just hit stores on July 22nd—Jericho linked up with Rebel Ink for a wild photo shoot and to divulge on his band’s latest moves, his “But I’m Chris Jericho!” web-series, his next book—The Best In The World: At What I Have No Idea—and of course, on his rock ‘n’ roll themed tattoos.

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