Chris Jericho on WWE Taking NXT Head-to-Head Against AEW: “We Don’t Care If You Want to Start a War”


Former-WWE Champion Chris Jericho was on Busted Open Radio to discuss the upcoming Wednesday night battle between All Elite Wrestling’s upcoming program on TNT, and WWE NXT’s move to USA Network. Jericho said there is “too much WWE as it is,” and felt that the move would “dilute” the product.

Transcriptions via Raj Giri at Wrestling INC.

“By adding another two hours, that really dilutes the product, it dilutes their mindset, it dilutes the focus. It’s a reactionary move that’s done by a guy who wants to start a war. We don’t care if you want to start a war, that was never our intention. There’s no war for us, we’re just doing what we’re doing. People there don’t like that and they’re reacting to it, and it just dilutes their own product.

“You remember in the 90s, Nitro would start at 7:57 and RAW started at 8:00, and the reason that we started early is because we wanted our pyro to be before theirs. Who gives a crap? What’s the show like? Don’t worry about what the other guys are doing, worry about your own stuff.”

Jericho also took umbrage with the idea that AEW is focused on taking down any specific company, saying instead that he wants “everyone to do good” in the changing landscape.

“I don’t care about any other wrestling company in the world. I want everyone to do good, everyone be the best that you can be, whether it’s WWE, Ring Of Honor, Impact, New Japan, AAA or friggin’ George Swanson’s show at the Armory on a Friday night. Do your thing. We don’t care, and I think that’s one of the things that makes us cool. It’s a typical thing, the more other people will do, the more it makes us look revolutionary and cool, and we haven’t even started yet. Just wait until we start.”