How & Why Chris Jericho Returned To WWE – Major Update


During the latest edition of Talk is Jericho, Chris Jericho shared the details that led to his return to the WWE on Monday Night. Here is a bullet point version…

* Jericho keeps in regular communication with the WWE.

* He had been in communication about a possible spot at WM 30 late last year. He had wanted to work with Daniel Bryan or Bray Wyatt.

* Obviously WM 30 did not work out, but he got a call roughly a month ago from one of the WWE writers, pitching a potential program with Bray Wyatt.

* Three weeks had past and he did not hear back from the company. He then heard from the company on June 27th.

* Triple H brokered the deal for the return, which Jericho said took about five minutes.

* Jericho then flew into Boston on Monday morning, avoiding flying into Hartford where Raw was taking place. He drove to Hartford, arrived at the area about 5:30 and had to avoid fans seeing him arrive.

* WWE’s Head of Talent Relations Mark Carrano met with Jericho and escorted him to a crew bus, where he stayed for about four hours.

* He spoke with agent Dean Malenko and gave input on how he would be used, and Vince McMahon signed off on it.

* Jericho had a meeting with the Wyatts, The Miz and Michael Hayes before heading to the gorilla position, where he met with Vince, Triple H and Stephanie prior to making his entrance.

* Jericho then added that he will be working an “almost” full time schedule, including live events and the Japan tour.

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