Breaking News: Chris Jericho Returns to NJPW at Dontaku, Attacks Top Star (Video)


Chris Jericho has shocked the wrestling world once again today as he made a surprise return to New Japan Pro Wrestling to attack Naito.

The attack took place on night two of New Japan’s Dontaku shows with Tetsuya Naito walking at ringside before he was grabbed by a masked man in the crowd dressed in LIJ gear.

That vicious attack then spilled all the way into the ring where Chris Jericho revealed himself to the audience, before drilling Naito with the ring bell which bust him open, you can see a video of that attack below.

This marks the second time that Jericho has attacked Naito, with his previous assault happening at New Year Dash following his WrestleKingdom loss to Kenny Omega.

Jericho had previously stated on Twitter and in interviews that he was done with New Japan, but that appears to simply have been Y2J trying to make people believe he was finished for a bigger surprise.