Chris Jericho Reveals Original Plans For AEW’s Blood & Guts Location


While the planned Blood & Guts match has now been rearranged, Chris Jericho has revealed what the original plans for the match were.

The match was set to take place this week, with the Inner Circle competing against The Elite (minus Nick Jackson and + Broken Matt Hardy.) However, due to the outbreak of Coronavirus meaning, AEW has to run empty arena shows, the company made the decision to rearrange the match for a future date.

However, during the latest Talk Is Jericho, former AEW World Champion, Chris Jericho revealed that the original plan for the match was to have the match happen in Atlanta. The Atlanta episode of AEW Dynamite happened on February 19, but Jericho didn’t think that was the right time.

“One of the original ideas for Blood & Guts was to do it in Atlanta because they really wanted to pop the Atlanta market. It was right in the middle of Cody-MJF, Jericho-Moxley, Kenny-Bucks-Hangman thing. I was like, ‘We can’t just plop a double cage match into Atlanta just because that’s the place we want.’ We orchestrated that we will get done with our stories, February 29 is the pay-per-view, then Elite-Inner Circle can go on. What’s the rush? We have weekly television. We have plenty of time to tell all our stories,'” said Jericho.

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