Chris Jericho Reveals Pac & Kenny Omega Were Not Happy With Their ALL OUT Match


During the latest episode of Talk Is Jericho, the first-ever AEW World Champion, Chris Jericho discussed ALL OUT in great detail, giving backstage stories.

One thing that he revealed during the podcast was that Kenny Omega and PAC were not happy with how their match went down as they had to cut a bunch of ideas.

“Afterwards, both Kenny and Pac were mad because their match went too long and they ran out of time and had to cut a bunch of stuff and they were not happy about it, meanwhile it’s the best match on the show. They remind me so much of Eddie Guerrero.”

Jericho also addressed reports that have claimed the ladder match should have gone on last, disagreeing with that belief.

“The World Title match is the World Title match and that’s why you put guys in there that can have a World Title match. What is a true World Title match? It should have story, intensity, it should have some viciousness and it should be between two men fighting for the biggest prize in the sport, and if you can’t put that on last, then you shouldn’t be a champion. Any person in this business, any performer in AEW, their goal should be to be the champion.”

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