Chris Jericho Reveals How His Surprise WWE Return On SmackDown Live Happened

Apparently original plans didn’t call for Chris Jericho to make his surprise WWE return at the July 25th episode of SmackDown Live.

The longtime WWE Superstar revealed on the latest episode of his “Talk Is Jericho” podcast that he was already in Richmond, Virginia, the site of the blue brand episode that particular week, to film an episode of Southpaw Regional Wrestling, and to interview WWE Superstars Tyler Breeze and Fandango for a future episode of his podcast.

According to Jericho, because he was in the area, he was talked into making the aforementioned surprise WWE return at the 7/25 episode of SmackDown Live by the company.

“That’s actually why I’m here today, to film that show Southpaw and talk to you guys,” said Jericho. “And now I got roped into having a match.”

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  • David Diamond

    Jericho is known for making surprise comebacks… So far all of them were intended to kick off a story line, but apparently this one was just for the fun of it…and it worked out nicely. Fun for Jericho, fun for the fans, and advanced a story line a bit. Grade A.