Chris Jericho Showing Up at Elimination Chamber?

Chris Jericho posted the following on his official twitter account:

“DEEP THOUGHTS WITH CJ Airport delays suck. #minneapolis”

For those that are not aware, the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view event will be held in Minneapolis on Sunday.

EXCLUSIVE: Possible Spoilers for Sunday’s Elimination Chamber PPV….

  • Phantom90

    lol Jericho is good at trolling the IWC.

    • Jeff Rittenour

      this too…but he should be more concerned with not LOSING for another straight year and looking like a tool lol And please NO MORE Dancing with the Stars type sh*t again Y2J…that’s for people with NO STAR power lol

      • allan

        he lost to promote other stars he knows his time is done

  • Jeff Rittenour

    Well didn’t we read they want him back for mania..? Maybe he’ll beat up Christian and take his spot lol