Chris Jericho Speaks Out on Chris Cornell’s Death

Chris Jericho open up about the death of Chris Cornell in an interview with Loudwire.

“It blows my mind that four out of the five big five grunge band singers have passed away. I always liked Soundgarden the best out of all them because of the vocals. He was basically a heavy metal singer. No one ever really sounded like Cornell and no matter what projects he did whether he was singing and belting it out or doing a song like ‘Like a Stone’ from Audioslave where it was more introspective, his tone and his power and range were unlike anybody else. I don’t know if Cornell influenced my vocals per se, but there is some similarities there. He’s one of those guys where whenever I hear him sing it’s like, ‘Oh, what a great, great singer’ — just a beautiful, powerful, kick you in the f–king face type of a voice, which is very rare because nobody’s really sang like him before. Maybe nobody ever will.”